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There’s no denying that earning an MBA can give you a major boost in your resume, as well as a chance to network with people that attend the same school. While it’s true that an MBA is worthwhile, some people are confused about whether a traditional or online MBA are more important to potential employers.


Traditional MBAs

Traditional MBAs are difficult to fit into most working people’s schedules because you have to abide by the hours of that the college is open. For those who have a flexible schedule and can meet the attendance requirements of going to a brick and mortar school, this is definitely a fine choice. 

For those with multiple obligations such as a family life or full-time job, a traditional MBA might be difficult, but not impossible, to achieve.

On the plus side, prospective employers are likely to have heard of the college you attended and easily be able to verify your degree. Traditional MBAs typically have a solid reputation as being reputable, and people who are unfamiliar with online MBAs will be able to recognize them and give them proper credit.


Online MBAs


Being able to earn your MBA online is very attractive to adults that work full-time, but there is a common belief that these degrees won’t mean as much to the employers as a traditional MBA. There is evidence to suggest that this is no longer the case, and the reputation of online MBAs is improving every year. The cause of this could be the rigorous standards by the government that are now being pushed on these types of programs. As a result, it varies from employer to employer whether these online MBAs are seen as an asset or a detriment, but it’s becoming more of an asset to employers.

One of the most appealing things about an online MBA is the flexibility that comes with that type of program. Instead of driving to a college campus, which may be a considerable distance depending on where you live, it just requires access to an internet connection. Those who work full-time or more per week or those with a family life are likely to be attracted to these types of programs.