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In spite of the ways in which our world is changing — and how that impacts our workplaces — some things will never truly change, including the business skills necessary to thrive in any industry. Here are several skills one should always have under their belt:


1. Strong communication skills


While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is still worth listing and expanding upon. It is no secret that communication is as vital to our existence as breathing, which is precisely why so many employers in every field require applicants to possess the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, both with clients and colleagues. Without this skill, it is nearly impossible to perform even the simplest job functions.


2. Strategic thinking


The ability to think strategically is necessary to any employee’s success. After all, jobs across all industries boil down to being a series of problem solving situations. Therefore, it is imperative that employees think outside the box and test different strategies to more efficiently complete tasks at hand.


3. Negotiation skills


Negotiation in the workplace can take many forms — ranging from a new employee setting their wages or establishing expectations with their boss, to ironing out heated discussions in the boardroom. Seeing as pleasing every party is not always an easy or even attainable feat, strong negotiation skills are especially desirable amongst employees of every rank. So, holding the ability to create win-win situations will easily give applicants a leg up on the competition.


4. Project management

No matter one’s position, project management skills are a must-have. By meticulously planning and carrying out major projects, employees not only boost efficiency and productivity, but gain the opportunity to show off their abilities to stick to deadlines, utilize resources, and maintain open communication with the major stakeholders involved. Furthermore, possessing these skills shows not only an understanding of critical business concepts, but the underlying business purpose of a job as well.  


5. Leadership skills


An employee does not have to be in a position of leadership in order to exhibit leadership skills. Some of the most invaluable traits one can show in the workplace are also considered to be leadership skills, including: high integrity and honesty, the ability to inspire and motivate their coworkers, and being flexible during times of change or uncertainty. Therefore, possessing these qualities not only shows oneself as being a reliable and overall exemplary employee, but one with potential to rise through the ranks as well.